Who I am.

I am a web developer based in Montreal, Canada, with a passion for innovating. I received my Bachelors degree in Computer Science at Concordia University. I am a well-rounded web developer, meaning that I am able to do the front-end (user interface and views), the middle-tier (Domain layer or Business logic providing the "glue" between the persistence and the views), and the back-end (Databases and other persistent storage areas).

Web development has become a passion of mine and I am eager to learn more. I enjoy meeting like minded individuals who share this same enthusiasm. Ever since my father brought home our first IBM PC, I've been hooked. I loved to tinker with the hardware, upgrade and replace parts, and develop small programs. I am a team player and enjoy collaborative work, however I can also be autonomous.
I can communicate in both French and English. I'm very detail oriented and calculated. I apply a systematic approach to solving problems and tackling issues. Nothing beats the rewarding feeling of solving a complicated problem you've spent hours, or even days trying to resolve.
I am always looking to take on new challenges and be able to make my mark in the world.

I also happen to be a huge foodie! I love to cook and discover new recipes.

Feel free to contact me with exciting opportunities, job offers, or even if you have great music and recipes to share!