Floralie.co is a Montreal based florist. The site is strictly used for contact info and to display photos of past events with arrangements. No sales can be made via the site at this time.

To view the website click HERE

SOEN487 - Web Services Project

Worked in a team of four to create an entire supply chain system designed to emulate Amazon.com. This system was composed of three major components:

  • a manufacturer system with several manufactures.
  • a retailer system with warehouses and retailer service
  • and finally a web client application which displays all products for sale

Designed and implemented the retail service using BPEL and SOAP services with synchronous and asynchronous communication, manufacturers using SOAP and XML as persistent storage (requirement of project), and lastly the web client using Servlets, JSPs and SOAP & REST calls to the retail service and manufacturers.
*Only successful group to complete this task.

Demo page coming soon...

SOEN387 - Web Applications Project

Lead a team of five programmers in creating a web enterprise application using a custom server-side framework (SoenEA) to help students form and manage their own groups. Followed the pure-layered and client-server architectural styles. Designed and implemented using the J2EE environment. Specifics include Servlets and JSP, as well as MySQL, Eclipse, and Tomcat.

Design patterns used:

  • MVC
  • Data Mapper
  • Input & Output Mapper
  • Identity map
  • Row & Table Data Gateway
  • Front Controller
  • Lazy-Load via Proxies
  • Unit of Work
  • Domain Model
  • Factories
  • Dispatchers & Commands

Demo page coming soon...

COMP353 - Databases Project

Lead a team of four in developing a web-based computer system for a fictitious car wash and car sales company. Designed and implemented using MySQL and PHP. Originally, communications to the database were done using a REST API and parsing the output to JSON. However this version has been modified to communicate directly to the database through MySQL

To view this application first hand click HERE and use one of the following logins:

username & password: admin ←For Administrator Access
username & password: super ←For Supervisor Access
username & password: salesemployee ←For Car Sales Employee Access
username & password: washemployee ←For Car Wash Employee Access

*All projects are hosted on my personal LAMP server running Tomcat and OpenJDK